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Getting to know your Fetch

Getting to know your Fetch

By Volksieg AOR

The Fetch, as many of you may know, is an entity who is with you, throughout all your incarnations, acting as a guide to greater spiritual development and, when the relationship between Odinist and Fetch is fully developed, it is entirely possible that it can act as a protector in this realm also. Continue reading

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Little Red Hens

Little Red Hens

by Hengest Thorsson OR

All of you, as OR members should be aware that our myths are multi-layered and full of symbolism. They can be accessed on many levels and depending on our level of development will reveal varying degrees of guidance and wisdom to us. Continue reading

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The Æsir – An introduction

In our attempts to write about the characteristics of our racial gods and goddesses, it is all too easy to fall into the trap mentioned in other articles in this series – that of seeing them as literary figments, characters in old stories and not as beings actually existing in a wider reality than that of the material world. Continue reading

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