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Odin and the Tower

Odin and the Tower

By Harry S AOR

Nothing could escape Odin’s eye when he sat in his High Seat of Hlidskjalf. He would cast himself onto its velvet upholstery, and let his mind move over all the worlds. One particular day, not so long ago in the memory of our people, he sat there and gazed over the multiverse. Continue reading

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Live – Breathe – Grow

Our ancestors were not just warriors – in fact many people mistakenly believe Odinism to be purely a warrior religion. Although there is a strong warrior aspect to Odinism, one of the key areas in which our ancestors thrived was in agriculture. Continue reading

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You, Our Father Odin - Renée Vivien

You, Our Father Odin – Renée Vivien

by Renée Vivien (1907)

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Donar Chant

Donar Chant

By Juleigh Howard Hobson AOR

For Hallowing the house and hall
And every one who comes to call
An iron nail is in the wall.

Hail Thor! Continue reading

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Change: The Myth of the Giant Maiden

By Hervor OR

Once upon a far and distant time, when the Gods were young – ere the First War was fought, or a wall built round Asgard – when we all lived in the forest and nobody lived anywhere else, the lad, Thor, sat on a shining summit of the Sacred Mountain, and looked out over the Earth. Continue reading

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