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Gallant One

Gallant One

By Kris N AOR
ORBriefing 221 – Spring 2261

I am joy,
Great and Gallant.
I am war ready. Continue reading

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The conception of a great and universal Sky Father has been part of the collective unconscious since before the advent of mankind. It is a basic intuitive knowledge that appears in some form in the mythology of all the races of man. Continue reading

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TYR - Father, Protector, Provider

TYR – Father, Protector, Provider

TYR has often been misunderstood and even more often misrepresented. The Romans simplistically equated him with their god of war, mars. Consequently Tiw, as the Anglo-Saxons called him, has the honour of giving his name to Tuesday, but is otherwise neglected by many as being embarrassingly militaristic. Continue reading

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