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You, Our Father Odin - Renée Vivien

You, Our Father Odin – Renée Vivien

by Renée Vivien (1907)

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‘IN the beginning was the Word’ , a statement found at the beginning of the Hebrew Bible, is a typical word-play used to subtly twist the truth. ‘ The Word ‘ is attributed to the god Jehovah, a wrathful and destructive demon, and so all of creation is attributed to the destroyer. In reality the statement has a far different meaning. Continue reading

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The Christian Doctrine of the Incarnation – An Odinist view

OF ALL the doctrines of the Christian church it is the Incarnation which, the Christians themselves boast, distinguishes theirs most from other religions, both monotheistic and polytheistic. The Incarnation describes the Christians’ belief that a god came down from heaven to earth and became a man. Continue reading

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