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The Burning of Gullveig

The Burning of Gullveig

By Reginhard OR

In Sturlson’s Poetic Edda, Gullveig is characterised as a wicked money grabbing sorceress who when visiting Asgard talks of nothing other than the love of gold. “They listened with loathing and eventually thought the world would be better off without her so they hurled her into the fire”
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Gods & Goddesses of Odinism

An introduction into the Gods, Goddesses, wights and beings of Odinic Mythology Continue reading

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Like Odin himself, the mother of people bears many names – Ostara, Frigg, Freya, Hulda, Mother Cary, Frau Holle, Tara and many more. She is the most well-loved of our divinities. So well loved that even the malice of the Christian usurpers could not force the people to turn from her. Continue reading

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In the mists and distances of the All and Forever Audumla has her being, a shadowy figure, the first Great Mother. She stands at the gateway of Change. Continue reading

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