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On My Ordination, or A Manifestation of Wyrd

On My Ordination, or A Manifestation of Wyrd

By Gothi Arinbjorn OR

On the night of Midsummer, 2264re, in front of friends, comrades and family, I was ordained as Gothi Arinbjorn of the Odinic Rite. This sacred ritual was the culmination of 4+ years of study, 2 years of growth and evolution, and a lifetime of events that seemed to point to that night. Continue reading

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Meditations on the Black Sun - Part 1

Meditations on the Black Sun – Part 1

By Volksieg AOR

The sole intention of this piece is to provide food for thought and, perhaps, to act as a launch pad for further discussion and exploration. None of the writings below should, of course, be considered “Holy Writ” or any such dogmatic nonsense but should be treated as they truly are: mere threads of thought collected as they became apparent. Therefore, I leave it up to you, dear reader, to ascribe any objective value of truth as is deemed necessary.
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By Dominic H AOR

Of Words and deeds like pebbles thrown
Into the deep clear lake of time
Their ripples touch our thoughts and hopes
And weave their subtle rhyme Continue reading

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Wyrd in the Night Sky

Wyrd in the Night Sky

By Arinbjorn OR

Wyrd is a subject that comes up often and is largely understood by most, confuses some, and is completely grasped by none. I have always had a fair grasp on Wyrd myself, but one night, while gazing at the stars, I had a realization that might help some. Continue reading

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THE OATH – Magical and Psychological Considerations

When we are professed in the Odinic Rite we take an oath. Let us just reflect for a minute or two on the inner implications of this.

As we all know, we can come across the kind of situation when we might make a promise that we cannot keep. This is part of the human condition. But an oath such as we take in the OR as a professed member is quite a different matter. Continue reading

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The Sources of Thor's Power

The Sources of Thor’s Power

THOR has been much loved of the common folk and much maligned by the scholars throughout the ages. We see evidence of his cult in the statuary relics of the German mercenaries of the Caesars. The late medieval Icelanders were renowned for their enthusiasm for this most accessible god of our pantheon, the people’s friend; and the Eddaic scholars could not easily ignore him. Continue reading

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Wyrd Part 2: In the Beginning was the Wyrd

True to form the Christ people placed the birth of their God at the time of the birth of the sun – the Winter Sunstead – their version being a word-play – ‘birth of the son’, the son of God. Even before this the Judaic Old Testament uses a clever word play to twist the concept of Wyrd, for Genesis maintains: “In the beginning was the Word”. It maintains of course that the Word was God. Continue reading

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