The Fire-whisk

| November 15, 2010

Whirling from the Sun’s Disk
Swirling Twirling Fire-whisk
Flaming Fylfot flying free
Symbol of the Joy to be
Sign of Hope and Victory
Fearsome, Fullsome, Fiery!

Token of the coming Storm
Announced by Heimdall’s raucous Horn
Fiery Fylfot blaze and fly
Clear across our Northern Sky
Bring Joy to every Aryan eye
The New Awakening drawing nigh

Woe to foe and warmth to friend
May your blazing glory send
That we are filled with Odic might
We the children of the Light
With Sig and Wunjo put to flight
The forces of decay and blight

Whirling from the Sun’s Disk
Holy, holy Fire-whisk
Fiery Fylfot now fly free
Symbol of the Joy to be
Sign of Light and Purity
Compassion, Hope and Victory.

Category: Poetry & Prose

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