The Handfasting of Harry and Federica

| November 7, 2012
The Handfasting of Harry and Federica

by Dominic H AOR

I am honoured to be able to report on the Handfasting of Harry Slinn AOR to his partner Federica Toffoletto on the 21st Day of Hunting 2062 RE.

A grey and wet day in Eynsford, Kent could not dampen the spirits those who attended to witness and celebrate the joining of Harry and Federica. Members of Fylfot Hearth, close family and many other welcome members and guests made the walk to the site, a much loved wooded area in the heart of Eynsford to be part of the proceedings.

Preparations were made for the ceremony and the altar was readied for the day, covered in the white horse banner of Kent and including Harry’s sword, which was to be used in the ceremony. Asrad CG led the proceedings and, as is customary, the site was hallowed and the Ve was formed. Despite the poor weather conditions, the fire of Cleansing and Creation burned the brighter, and became a moving focal point whilst positive energy was raised and the runes called out.

As the Handfasting ceremony took place, I remember looking across to Harry and Federica, who stood on either side of Asrad. I could see that the strength of bond that they had, and were affirming today, had a profound effect, and that it felt right for them. All nervousness and reservations were now completely gone, if indeed any of the latter ever existed in the first place. It seemed clear that the joining of Harry and Federica was fundamentally natural and that they would be even happier now handfasted together.

As ring bearer, I presented the couple with their rings, striking silver bands of their own design, and Asrad joined their hands. With the touching of the sword, Harry and Federica were now bound in honour and service of each other, giving and receiving their vows as husband and wife before Odin.

I could see Harry and Federica were deeply moved, both by the ceremony and by each other, as were all in attendance, and the occasion was truly a great one.

I would like to share with you part of the reading I gave, which helps capture the mood of the occasion:
“Dig deep and grow stronger with each other, as time cannot fade or rot away the strongest of bonds – the love you share together. Take that forward in life, as life is for living and sharing. Do right, by yourselves and for each other, and fear no one.”

Harry and Federica also had made gifts to give to all present, of runes made from seeds mounted on wood. As an offering, attendees were welcomed to choose to burn them in the fire or keep them as a token to mark the moment. They looked very striking and were a unique addition to the ceremony.

Two horns of mead circled the group to toast the couple on their special day, and, offerings having been made and with two affirmed as one, the ceremony was concluded. A sterling job was also done to fend off the rain and partake of a brief barbeque and social gathering, with hot homemade soup and homebrew ale also making a welcome appearance.

“This time we stood and faced ourselves
And revealed truths we could not hide
On looking we found all our answers
That were buried deep inside”

Congratulations Harry and Federica!

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