What Is Odinism?

| August 19, 2009

In creation there is diversity and in that wondrous and sacred diversity each folk family of the human race, in symbiosis with the divine creative powers, developed and evolved their own unique organic or natural religions.

The natural religion for the Indo European peoples (often called Northern European) is what today is called Odinism.

Like all true religions Odinism can be viewed as an entire and ‘holistic’ system of ‘being’. As such it is the thread which runs through and links all aspects of being together, for as is taught in Odinism (and many other religions) everything that is, is inter-connected. Odinism is in one aspect the sum of our peoples shared and individual experience and wisdom. It evolves as our folk family evolves. It naturally has an exoteric or mundane aspect and a divine or esoteric aspect. A material and a spiritual, an outer and inner, both for individual and folk unit. It is experienced and intellectual, tangible and intangible. It offers the adherent a path for the spiritual evolution and also, because of its holistic reality, a way of living day to day life. It is in fact a way of life and a way of being.

Odinism is an expression in the world of form, of the Divine consciousness of the multiverse. It at once allows the Odinist to understand their own unique place in the multiverse and this place in conjunction with the other beings which exist in this ineffable creation called by us, the Multiverse.

It is a theistic religion in that it recognises the existence of the Gods and Goddesses, but does not dogmatically impose rules on ‘how’ you see them.

The Gods and Goddesses of Odinism belong to two ‘groups` or ‘families` of beings called the Aesir and the Vanir. On a very basic level the Aesir can be said to govern and mould the ‘intellectual` aspects and the Vanir are more Earth based.
However this is very much an over simplification but this is not the place for detailed analysis. It is these divine beings (together with other entities) which have moulded us, our link with them is spiritual and biological. Again, the understanding and experience of the Gods is multi layered, suffice to say that whatever the stage of an individuals personal evolution, they can access the Gods of our folk in a meaningful way.

Like all complete religions, Odinism has its mythology. Myths are not to be understood as expressing literal truths or events, but as a way primal realities may be expressed. They explain deep realities and wisdom of creation in ways that we may understand. Far from being the fanciful tales of an ignorant people, the mythology of Odinism together with other Odinic teachings shows a very sophisticated, complex and profound knowledge of reality and existence. Odinism can be seen as an outward expression of the forces of creation and as a spiritual path ideally suited to our folk as a unique folk family. Odinsm and the Odinic impulse, the Odin consciousness in reality has never left us, but the conscious awareness was suppressed. Now we have seen a re-awakening, an overt awareness of our unique spiritual way. The Odinic Rite has been and is at the very forefront of the Odinic renewal. It must be realised that no written article, no information garnered from books or web sites can fully explain Odinsm, it is not just a thing to understand intellectually, but an experienced path with depths beyond mere words.

Odinism is a living religion, a combination of cultural, material, ethical and spiritual realities as they relate to our folk family and our place in creation. It evolves, as we evolve, we evolve, as it evolves.

For those who are interested in consciously re-establishing their link with their natural religion and spirituality, for those interested in following a path to the illumination of the Odin Consciousness. For those anxious to reclaim their unique heritage and play their role in heralding a golden future, we invite you to join the Odinic Rite.

Hail the New Awakening, May Odins Light Illuminate You.


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