Folk Spirit II – Announcement

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Folk Spirit II – Announcement

The initial end of October deadline for ‘Folk Spirit II’ is almost upon us. All tracks submitted so far are of a phenomenal quality and the response has been amazing. Thank you to all who have made such a huge effort.

There are alot of tracks, but since this album will be download only, it’s possible all will make it onto the album. Whatever happens, every artist who has so far submitted material will see at least one of their submissions make the final cut.

Any artists still wanting to contribute to ‘Folk Spirit II’ should submit their tracks by 9th November, however any artists who wish to record material after the final deadline has passed should still submit material for use on future albums or as a score for future OR Media films (a variety of pleasant, melodic background tracks without lyrics would be most useful, like that used on the ‘Odinism – An Eternal Faith’ film).

Also, OR Media desperately requires your original artwork for use on the planned .pdf download which will accompany the ‘Folk Spirit II’ album release.

Pending a few late contributions, the track list (in no particular order) for ‘Folk Spirit II’ is as follows (note that some artist’s names are not the same as their real or Odinic names):

1. Hrymir’s Kettle – Andvari’s Gold / Sigurd and Fafnir
2. Hrymir’s Kettle – Journey To Utgard
3. Hrymir’s Kettle – Odin Is My Guide
4. Hrymir’s Kettle – Signy
5. Sceafa Theud – El Vassel
6. Sceafa Theud – La Danza Dei Corvi
7. Adalruna – Angelcynn
8. Adalruna – Hjoggum Vér Með Hjörvi
9. Ansund – English Power
10. Ansund – Gods and Men
11. Hildr Valkyrie – Vandis Hall
12. Volksieg – Eternal Return (Ragnarok)
13. Volksieg – Onwards To Valhalla
14. Oswulf – Return Of The Silvatici
15. Cynewulf – Miri It Is
16. Cynewulf – Scarborough Fair
17. Cynewulf – The Wagon
18. Vidrir – Ancient Pathways
19. Vorgum – Heir To The Woodland Throne
20. Lee J – Inanngardfinal

Please submit your late tracks ideally as an MP3 file by the final deadline of 9th November to:

OR Media

Look out for future updates on this project. Once editing is complete, a release date will be issued.

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  1. Hariulf OR says:

    Great news and fantastic work by all people involved!


    Hariulf OR

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