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| November 7, 2011 | 2 Comments

Tracks have now been compiled for our latest music project (working title – Folk Spirit III).

More tracks have been promised, and further submissions will go towards a future release.

Firstly, for those of you who have contributed in the past, and to those who would like to contribute in future, please gather your creative energies and get to work. We have come a long way already and we’re only just scratching the surface.

Secondly, keep an eye on this webpage, our main website and social networking sites for future updates regarding a release date.

Finally, at this year’s GM, the CG gave OR Media an award. Awards are not distributed without great consideration, and it is a testament to the quality of our OR Media contributions that this award was given.


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  1. Dan says:

    I have a short instrumental track I would like to contribute. The title is called “Ostara rising”, and it is in the style of neo-classical with a folk feel to it. It is very well in keeping with the spirit of our Odinic faith..

    At any rate, I hope to hear back from you and perhaps you would be interested in hearing the track.

    Thank you for your time!


  2. Redwald says:

    Thank you Dan. I have emailed you.

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